Creative Content Australia supports the screen industry by raising awareness about the role of copyright and the impact of piracy.
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2012 Thank You Campaign

About the Campaign

Creative Content Australia conducts consumer awareness campaigns with propositions that aim to further educate Australians about online content theft.

Our campaign is informed by annual research undertaken by independent research company Sycamore, with Newspoll, which consistently shows that nearly two thirds of Australians aged 12 to 64 do not access unauthorised films and TV shows online.

As a film and TV community, we want to say ‘thank you’ to the many Australians who choose to patronise the cinema, watch TV, rent or buy DVDs and Blu-rays, or access their online content via genuine websites. By doing so, people are not only supporting jobs in the creative community, they are also contributing to further investment in new films and television shows. Doing the right thing ultimately benefits everyone.

Like all productions, creating this consumer message was a labour of love. It takes an army of talented individuals, each with their own special skill, to come together as a team and create quality screen content, and the production of this ‘Thank You’ video was no different. However, the common motivation for everyone’s involvement was a commitment to thank Australians for watching our shows the way we intended them to be viewed. While we are blessed to be working in a field we love, it’s a challenging business to be involved with, and we can only continue to make quality films and TV shows with the support of the paying public.

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