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The creation, development, production and distribution of Creative Content Australia ‘Thank You’ campaign was much like the process involved in creating a film or television show. It involved almost 100 individuals with particular skills and professions from a wide range of businesses all working harmoniously to deliver the final quality video.

In the development process, writer / director Nic Holland developed the script and then worked with storyboard artist Peter Sheehan to create the storyboard scenes. Nic has an extensive background in film and TV both as an actor and director, while Peter has created storyboards for Beneath Hill 60, Akikaze, Wildboys and Drift. His drawings greatly helped everyone involved understand Nic's vision for how each scene was to be realised in camera.

In sourcing the best locations for our shoot, we were supported by Fox Studios Australia who provided us with a full sound stage and make up rooms, allowing us to shoot to our hearts content on bright and sunny weekend in June.

Our location day also took us to Blockbuster Video Store in Lane Cove, and to Hoyts EQ, where we had the run of their fabulous lobby.

The production required our 35mm camera kit for our ‘stage’ camera crew, and here Panavision came to our aid.

Casting the many parts in the advertisement meant calling on the good will of a lot of friends and colleagues, and we were so very grateful to have Susie Porter, Peter O’Brien, Pauline Chan, Ivy Mak and Roy Billing step into their roles with such a show of support for this project. Hoyts helped out here to, finding Jordan and Leonie to ‘play themselves’ in the parts of the Hoyts admissions staff. While we’re sure the work came easy, it was a new experience to be under the bright lights. Emma Jones, our video store manager was bright and enthusiastic in her ‘role’ as, you guessed it, the video store manager. The helpful ladies at the Brent Street Agency came to the party with our team of highly professional young cinema lobby featured extras, all of whom hit their marks as if they’d been doing it their entire lives. Paul Fenech, Jason Davis and Elle Dawe from Housos came to us with the help of their distributor Transmission Films, finding time out of their busy schedule editing the new Housos feature film – thanks guys! Possibly our most recognisable mug belonged to Koko, from Red Dog, who features at the end of the ad. We’re grateful to producer Nelson Woss for helping us out with the footage.

Once in the can, the hard and detailed work of post production kicked in, with Karl our producer at digital realm also acting as editor, piecing each of the shots together. Music played a large part in the clip, and our friends at APRA-AMCOS were generous with their licence fee, providing the up-beat, party-like tune that helps the ad tick along real well.

Lending their post production expertise to the final picture edit, grade and sound mix, we were very fortunate to have Foxtel, Deluxe and Soundfirm, all leaders in their various fields, supply equipment and personal to help Nic and Karl create the highest possible quality spot – one designed to play in large cinemas, on TV, on DVD/Blu-ray and also online.

Every show needs to reach an audience, so to ensure our Thank You message is seen by you, we worked closely with our very generous distribution partners – in the cinema, Val Morgan and Cine-ads booked the ad into national release, while the National Association of Cinema Operators and the Independent Cinema Association of Australia, representing between them hundreds of local cinemas, booked in the ad to play alongside your favourite new release movie. On DVD, the folks at Roadshow Entertainment, Madman and Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment mastered the ad to new release movies on DVD and Blu-ray, while FEG’s Blockbuster and Video Ezy supported us with promotions in local video stores. On TV, Foxtel programed the ad to appear across their channels, and in the mail and online Quickflix carried our campaign on every one of the home delivered DVD/Blu-ray envelopes.

The campaign continues to expand through the support of a wide number of screen businesses and organisations, including Screen Australia, Screen NSW and Screen Queensland.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks for watching.

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