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About unINDIAN

A cross-cultural comedy, unINDIAN is the first production of the Australia India Film Fund, and is proudly an Australian film. unINDIAN stars internationally acclaimed actress Tannishtha Chatterjee along with Brett Lee in his first lead role.

Presented by Devendra Gupta, the film was directed by Anupam Sharma, written by Thushy Sathi and produced by Anupam Sharma and Lisa Duff.

Highlighting the complexities of Indian diaspora and wooing another from a different culture, unINDIAN is a comedy with a lot of heart.

unINDIAN will be released in Australia Q3 in 2015.

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Mint Films

Mint Films was established back in 2008. Its primary focus has always been to create engaging and contemporary work no matter the project or client. Mainly turning its attention to advertising, Mint Films has completed work for companies like Woolworths, CommBank and Toyota. Their work has taken them across Australia and around the world, and they are proud to have many return clients who are thirsty for more cutting edge, creative work. No matter the job or the story, Mint strives to create passionate and creatively engaging work. At Mint, we believe, the fresher the better.


Australian trained composer Jonny Higgins is recognised as one of South Pacific's most innovative commercial composers. He has received numerous award nominations for his short film scores, and his commercial music has been nominated for a CAANZ Axis Award. Jonny came to the world of commercial music in Sydney via small-time production houses, which eventually led to contracts with significant agencies. He earned recognition in Japan for a Coke campaign, and in the US for Burger King's ‘Satisfries' campaign. He worked on several successful solo projects, including Stereo’dan & 1985, and it was during these years that Jonny mastered the use of combining vintage tape machines with in-the-box technologies. His work has earned him a reputation as one of the fastest turnaround composers, with anything from electronic to traditional orchestral arrangements. Jonny lives between Sydney and a New Zealand farm where he does most of his studio work.

2015 Creative Content Australia's Anti-Piracy Campaign - Play your Part

About the Campaign

47,000 Australians depend on the film and television industries for their livelihoods.

Creative Content Australia's 2014 research shows 29% of all Australian adults (aged 18-64) pirate – an increase from 25% in 2013. Amongst Australians 18-24 years old, 54% pirate - a disturbing trend showing an increasing disregard for the value of content.

It is encouraging, though, that the 2014 research shows that 60% of Australian adults have never pirated films and TV shows online.

As part of a film and TV community, we want to say to the many Australians who choose to go the cinema, watch TV, rent or buy DVDs and Blu-rays, or access their online content via legitimate websites – thanks for playing your part. Accessing content legitimately contributes to further investment in new films and television shows, and ensures content creators are remunerated for their intellectual property.

The production of quality screen content involves many highly skilled and talented individuals working as a team – and the production of the ‘Play your Part’ 30-second spot was no different. The actors and technicians involved in this campaign share a commitment to foster the sustainability of the screen industries and thank those who access content the right way. We want to see these industries continue to make the quality films and TV shows we love to watch.

The backdrop of the new anti-piracy campaign from Creative Content Australia was provided by passionate anti-piracy advocate - producer/director Anupam Sharma - who offered access to the resources, cast and crew during production of the upcoming feature film unINDIAN.

Shot on a working set, this 30-second spot puts faces to the roles that make up the industry’s everyday work force – the writers, make-up artists, caterers, sound recordists, costume designers – just a few of the thousands of people it takes to make great films and television – and they thank audiences for playing their part by accessing content the right way.

Our Cast & Crew

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