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Campaign produced by Mr. smith

Director – Curtis Hill
Producer - Elise Trenorden
Production Co-ordinator - Harrison Robbins
DOP – Joel Betts
1st AD – Nikki Long
Camera Assistant – Simon Williams
2nd AC/Data – Dylan Jeffrey
Key Lighting – Rick McMullen
Lighting Asst – Tomas Keyes
Key Grip – David Griffiths
Grip Asst – Pete Leventis
Sound – Dave Sims
Makeup – Briar Wilkins
Unit Manager – David Treloar
Photogrpaher – Rob Grey
Photography Asst – Toby Pete
Nurse – Bec Ellis 

“Making Of” produced by Mint Films 

Director – Andrew Seaton
DOP – Matt Sampiri
B-Camera – Nick Mutton
Gaffer/1st AC – Declan Reardon
Sound – Francis Byrne

2017 Price of Piracy

About the Campaign

On Friday 18 August 2017, Creative Content Australia launched Australia’s biggest ever anti-piracy consumer campaign followed a ruling in the Australian Federal Court ordering ISPs to block 59 websites found to be primarily engaged in facilitating access to copyright-infringing content.

CCA’s new industry campaign – The Price of Piracy – alerts consumers to the increased online risks posed by streaming or downloading pirated content from the remaining sites.

Content links on infringing sites have become the number one method of propagating malware on the internet, with one in three sites exposing users to malicious software* that can steal personal information like addresses, bank details, credit cards and passwords, and facilitate identity theft.

Ransomware – spreading globally in pandemic proportions – can lock a computer and encrypt files so they become inaccessible until a ransom is paid. Research also shows nearly 40 percent of Android VPNs – often used by pirates to circumvent blocks to access pirate sites – are affected by malware.

Creative Content Australia’s 2016 research reveals that, despite the proliferation of legal content options, 21 percent of Australians aged 18-64 admit to pirating content at least once monthly. The level of piracy amongst 12-17s is at 26 percent while the number of Australians aged 12-13 who stream or download from pirate sites has increased significantly: from 14 percent in 2014 to 23 percent in 2016.

In ‘The Price of Piracy’ spots, Bryan Brown draws attention to the high price consumers might pay by compromising their personal data when accessing screen content from online pirate sites and reminds Australians they can watch films and TV shows legally - on the big screen, on high quality DVDs, pay TV or online.

Supporting Statements From Industry Professionals

* 2015 study by Cybersecurity firm RiskIQ

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