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Creative Content Australia's Education Program

Nothing beats the real thing! is designed to inform, engage and raise awareness about copyright.

Nothing beats the real thing! is a free online education resource for primary and secondary teachers, featuring a number of programs with clear curriculum links, structured activities and assessment suggestions to help students understand more about screen copyright, its role and the value it contributes to our society.

Understanding the role of copyright and screen content infringement are real issues that face students on a daily basis.

Most students have pirated digital material or know others who have. They may choose to pirate or not… the choice is theirs. But they also need to understand the legal, economic and social implications of their choices. That’s what these education resources do – they provide classroom ready materials that encourage thought and discussion.

Written by experienced teachers and tested in the classroom, these resources:

  • Provide cross-curricula links in subjects ranging from HSIE, English, History, Geography and Economics to SOSE/Civics and Citizenship, Religion/Values Education, Legal Studies & Media Studies.
  • Can be accessed via a range of platforms by teachers and students using their preferred device
  • Include clear instructions and suggested time frames for classroom use
  • Feature differentiated tasks and assessments to monitor students’ progress

Explore and enjoy the full resource at

Free teaching resources

Cyber Safety

With infringing video streaming sites the number one way to propagate malware on the internet, a teaching resource has been produced to help students develop their understanding of malware and its link to pirate sites and to identify the effects that these sites have on the wider creative industries.

How to Make a Movie

Been searching for a concise and practical guide to making films or documentaries in the classroom, with all the information and pics in one place? You’re welcome. This resource is written by educators, with interviews and input from people working in the industry.

Clarifying Copyright

To assist teachers to understand copyright and piracy and teach their students about it; promoting academic integrity, good digital citizenship and responsible use of school broadband.


An examination of sources to assist students assess the representation of history in films, reflect on opinions about the Stolen Generations and explore copyright.

Copyright & Digital Citizenship

To develop students’ understanding of good digital citizenship, copyright and the impact of content piracy. Includes a step-by-step guide to making a short film.
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