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Are Australians pirating less? 

Each year, Creative Content Australia conducts research to understand the piracy behaviours of adult and teenage Australians. The results are shared with the wider community to better inform debate, dispel myths and motivate changes in behaviour. 

Positively, since 2014 downloading and streaming pirated content has followed a continued downward trend as more Australians find legal ways to watch films and TV. 

2018 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2018 Australian Piracy Behaviours (3821 KB)
2017 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2017 Australian Piracy Behaviours (6163 KB)
2016 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2016 Australian Piracy Behaviours (1062 KB)
2015 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2015 Australian Piracy Behaviours (1369 KB)
2014 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2014 Australian Piracy Behaviours (578 KB)
2013 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2013 Australian Piracy Behaviours (3477 KB)
2012 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2012 Australian Piracy Behaviours (972 KB)
2011 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2011 Australian Piracy Behaviours (3780 KB)
2010 Australian Piracy Behaviours 2010 Australian Piracy Behaviours (218 KB)

Site Blocking Research

New research shows that court-ordered site blocks, year-on-year, led to a 25% reduction in piracy overall and a 53% reduction in use of the online pirate sites subject to a blocking order.

INCOPRO’s Australian Site-Blocking Efficacy Report, compiled after the Australian Federal Court ordered the blocking of 59 pirate sites in August 2017, echoes the findings of a UK study by Carnegie-Mellon University* which showed that overall piracy was only significantly reduced when a substantial number of sites were blocked simultaneously.

The research also examines the piracy landscape in Australia and identifies the most used content infringing sites.

About site blocking in Australia

On August 18, 2017, a Federal Court ruling by the Hon. Justice John Nicholas ordered ISPs to block 42 websites found to be primarily engaged in facilitating access to copyright-infringing content (Roadshow Films Pty Ltd & Others). Orders were also made that day, in a separate case lodged by Foxtel in the Federal Court, to block a further 17 infringing websites. Since the first site-blocking orders were made in Australia in December 2016, the Federal Court has ordered 65 piracy sites to be blocked, and over 378 domains.

*Carnegie-Mellon University study – ‘Website Blocking Revisited: The Effect of the UK November 2014 Blocks on Consumer Behaviour’- April 2016

2018 Research - Incopro Study 2018 Research - Incopro Study (1148 KB)
SARI - 'Role of Search' Australian Survey SARI - 'Role of Search' Australian Survey (455 KB)
PIRACY DEVICES & APPS: A Rapid Growing Threat to the Creative Economy (June 2018)

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